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Society of Arts & Crafts - Montgomery Alabama
The Society of Arts & Crafts (aka “The Society” or “SAC ‘s”) is a non-profit organization based in Montgomery, Alabama.

SAC’s Gallery, located on 529 S Perry St, is operated by members of the Society of Arts and Crafts and provides opportunities for our members to display, promote, and sell their original works of art.

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SAC's Gallery DonationsWill you donate? By doing so, you help ensure the longevity and financial security of the Society. And it’s tax deductible.


Featured Events

2015 Members' Show SAC's Gallery SAC’s Members’ Show and Competition – 35th Annual - Date: Sunday, January 25, 2015 ~ In Memory of Nell Hardeman, the founder of this competition, please join us for the 35th Annual SAC’s Members’ Show and Competition.

Featured Art Classes

SACs Gallery Color Art Class Color Mysteries Unraveled with MaryAnn Goodhue - Dates: 2015 Feb. 21, 28, & Mar, 7, 14 - Instructor: MaryAnn Goodhue - Take the mystery out of color mixing and theory. Unravel dulling, saturation, contrast, and intensity. In this 4-week class, you will create your own color reference using neutrals and primary colors. Online registration available.
SACs Impressionism Acrylic Painting Class Painting the Impressionist Style: Acrylic Painting Class - Dates: 2015 Feb, Thursdays - Instructor: Aimée Harbin - Using portions of impressionist styled paintings as inspiration, we will try our hand at masters’ style of applying the paint as well as study their use of color to give the viewer the “impression” of the scene or objects. Online registration available.
Perspective Drawing Class, SACs Gallery Still Lifes – Advanced Perspective Drawing - Dates: 2015 Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 - Instructor: Aimée Harbin - If you have completed the first 4 beginner perspective drawing classes with Aimée, please join us. Online registration available.
Perspective Drawing Techniques Art Class Beginning Perspective Drawing Techniques - Dates: 2015 Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 - Instructor: Aimée Harbin, For new and experienced artists who want to learn more about perspective, or hone their skills in perspective.



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Featured Articles

Nell Hardeman Acrylic Wash on Paper Nell Hardeman – Watercolor Artist & Much More (8/17/2014) - Nell Hardeman was a charter member of SAC's Gallery, served on the board of directors, chaired the Annual Waterfront Show for 10 years, and taught watercolor. >> Continue Reading
Rich Richardson - Ethnic Art Ethnic Art & Other Musings on the Billabong (4/17/2014) - By Rich Richardson. I am not an art historian since Chouinard Art Institute taught Draftsmanship, Design and Painting and not History and associated subjects, but I began viewing and reading about the great artists throughout the world. >> Continue Reading


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